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Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in the Green Bay Area

Updated: Apr 25

When you think of Green Bay, I’ll bet you think of the Packers and Lambeau Field. Everytime we visit Green Bay, I am reminded that there is so much more to this great city than just football. Don’t get me wrong, we are huge Packer fans! (Hayden has a tattoo to prove it!) But Green Bay is so underrated as a destination as a whole. Besides all of the Packer related fun, the food is great and the craft brewery scene is absolutely booming! We were recommended so many great breweries, we had trouble picking which ones to go to. We had such a good time creating our own personal, pups-included, food and beer tour!

We spent the weekend exploring Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was the last weekend in March, and we arrived on a beautiful, sunny, 45 degree spring day. Then, just like that, Wisconsin said, “Hold my beer!” and we woke up on Saturday morning to over a foot of snow! It had us shifting to plan B, but we absolutely made the best of it and had a great stay!

This post is sponsored by Discover Green Bay, but all opinions are our own.

Where to stay: Aloft Green Bay

#1 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

We checked into the Aloft Hotel where we and the pups were spoiled! We were welcomed with some local brews, fun gear from Loco WisCo–a shop in town where you can shop local products, lots of dog-treats, and much more! Our room was nice and so convenient for the pups. There was a side entrance out to a grassy space that makes it easy to take the dogs out, and they even have a doggy waste station right there. The lobby lounge area is huge and dog-friendly. There’s a pool table, lots of seating, and a bar. We highly recommend a stay!

Dinner & Drinks: Ahnapee Brewing & 888 Cheese

#2 & 3 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

After getting settled in our new room, we set out for our first taste of the Green Bay craft brewery scene. We landed on the dog-friendly patio of Ahnapee Brewery. The tap room is cozy and serves up lots of unique beer choices as well as trail mix style snacks. I really liked the raspberry sour, and Hayden tried the Fun Guy, a mushroom brown ale, and really liked the Helles in Red.

Ahnapee is located right next to 888 Cheese & Co. There are QR code menus for 888 on the brewery tables where you can place your order on your phone, and then they deliver right to your table! I tried the Grilled Cheese Flight that came with a side of their amazing tomato bisque. The start of the flight was the PB Juan–jalapeno, raspberry jam, Nueske's bacon, cream cheese spread, and cheddar cheese on grilled thick-cut multigrain. It sounded too out of the box for me to just order that, but when I saw the flight option, I had to try it. It was so yummy, and I would definitely order it again! Hayden got the Philly Grilled Cheese and was also raving about it. Another perk of ordering from 888 is that they have free pup cups on the menu! They were a huge hit with our girls. Definitely add Ahnapee and 888 Cheese & Co to your list!

A Local Brew & A Board Game: Stillmank Brewing

#4 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

Our next stop was Stillmank Brewing Company. This was the only brewery we visited where the pups were allowed inside. They were shown lots of love and received so many pets! I ordered the Blueberry Tart sour and thought it was delicious. Hayden tried Bock to the Future, Wisco Disco, and Guava Juiced Session IPA. The Guava IPA ended up being his favorite. The taproom is super cute and they have a bunch of board games to play while you enjoy your beer(s). They don’t have a food menu, but they do have some snack mixes for sale. We received such great service and would absolutely visit again!

Pit Stop for a Sweet Treat: Smart Cow

#5 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

On our way back to the hotel, we decided to make a pit stop at Smart Cow, a local frozen yogurt chain. I love a good froyo bar–give me a small bit of yogurt and all the toppings! You have to go in without your pups to make your sundae, but they have a little bit of dog-friendly seating out front.

Fuel Up: Crystal Coffee Cafe

#6 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

The next morning, we woke up so refreshed and ready for more adventures! We were shocked to learn that the 1-2 inches of snow the weather man told us to expect had turned into 13 inches before lunch. The snow didn't keep us down, though, and we set out to Crystal Coffee Cafe drive-through. The pups were once again treated to cute pup-cups, Hayden enjoyed their cold brew, and I had a hot chocolate.

Explore: Fonferek’s Glen

#7 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

Our next stop was Fonferek’s Glen County Park. The fresh snow made for the most beautiful backdrop on this stunning 30 foot waterfall! The walk from the parking lot to the viewing area is very short, but there’s also a little over a mile long loop to hike. I recommend having the map open on All Trails, as it’s not the most well marked trail, but it sure is beautiful!

Lunch & A Local Brew: Cocoon Brewing

#8 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

After working up an appetite, we made the short drive over to Cocoon Brewing. They have a stunning space! It’s very open with lots of natural lighting and a big yard. The patio is dog-friendly and a great place to relax. We both really enjoyed their Fruited Blonde Ale called Monkey Puzzle. We lounged while waiting for our pizza, which was also delicious and one of the best wood fired pizzas we’ve had in a while! I also loved their s’more dessert pizza. Definitely work in a stop to Cocoon Brewing this summer!

In addition to the beautiful space, they also have cabins on site that are available for rent. These spaces looked so cute and cozy and would be great whether you had a big group or were looking for a more private space.

The Dog-Friendly Patio of Your Dreams: Badger State Brewing

#9 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

After taking a moment back at Aloft to freshen up and let the pups take a little snooze, we made our way to Badger State Brewing Company. Let me tell you, this place knocked our socks off, and we were there in over a foot of snow! Their massive dog-friendly patio/beer garden has heaters, hooks on the picnic tables to hold your pup’s leash, and lots of room for activities! They have stunning murals painted around the building and the staff was so charming. We need to give a shoutout to one of the managers, Mark, for shoveling off a table for us and answering all of our questions about the building, murals, and beers!

The beers also blew us away! I think my new favorite beer is Beermosa. I love a good sour beer, but this one is truly remarkable. I also tried the Tutti Frutti sour and the Branch & Bramble cider and really enjoyed both as well. The Branch & Bramble cider is super unique because it’s barrel aged in barrels that were first home to brandy and then maple syrup. Hayden also tried the Beermosa as well as Grassy Place Hazy IPA and Mean Green IPA. He loved all three, and it’s a real rarity that he was super impressed by all he tried!

Our visit to Badger State was complete with a bitters shot! You probably know bitters from that spice/flavor you taste in your old fashioned, but for some reason (that I will never understand), a shot of bitters is meant to leave you feeling “bright and alert.” Badger State has these cute mini bottles of bitters for you to give it a shot. I wish you the best of luck!

One Last Craft Brewery: Noble Roots Brewing

#10 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

Noble Roots Brewing Company has a cozy taproom and a very nice covered, heated, dog-friendly patio. The pups got so many pets and treats and were even served their own water bowl. I tried Beach Breakfast which is the tartest sour I have ever tried. Hayden enjoyed the Mackinac Island Amber. Noble Roots doesn’t serve food, so if you're hungry, come prepared with a little snack!

His & Hers Take Out: India Bhavan & Vintage Cantina

The surprise snow threw a little bit of a curve ball in our dinner plans, so we decided to have a take-out night. We both ordered from local restaurants we wanted to try out, picked up our meals, and made our way to the massive dog-friendly lobby of Aloft for a feast. It was a win-win! I picked up from Vintage Cantina, a local favorite in Downtown Green Bay. I tried some of their unique tacos (get the Po’ G!) and devoured their taco dip. Hayden picked up from India Bhavan, a restaurant Aaron Rodgers has stated is one of his favorites. This was Hayden’s very first time trying Indian food, but he was very impressed and could not stop talking about the Samosas. Green Bay has a very impressive food scene, so this was a fun way for us to try more things and make the most of the snowy situation!

Fuel Up: Bhava Coffee

#11 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

We started our last morning in town by hitting the drive-through at Bhava Coffee. Hayden tried their minty matcha, and we both thought it was really good. I had their herbal iced tea. It was such a great way to start our day!

The Photo Ops: City Deck & Lambeau Field

#12 & 13 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

We took a morning stroll along the City Deck. They have this adorable ‘I heart GB’ photo op right along the water of the Fox River. This is such a gorgeous stop–definitely take a walk there!

We also made a short stop outside of Lambeau for a family photo doing the Lambeau Leap! This photo opportunity is located in the parking lot of Lambeau Field just outside of the Pro Shop. Highly recommend this photo op, as it is quite legendary!

All the Rage: Titletown District

#14 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

Our last stop before hitting the road was a visit to Titletown. This gorgeous area has something for everyone during every season! In the winter, they have a sledding hill and ice skating rink. During summertime, you can enjoy the dog-friendly patio. There are so many fun businesses in this district, too. (Please be aware that in Titletown, pets must remain on the walking paths and should not “water” the gardens.)

We’ll Be Back: Poke the Bear

#15 - Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Green Bay

When we go back to visit all of these breweries and beer gardens again in the summer, I will also be prioritizing a meal on Poke the Bear’s dog-friendly patio Downtown. The menu looks great and is perfectly located for a walk with the pups on the Fox River Trail and City Deck after you eat!

There you have it–our Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in the Green Bay Area

Now when you think of Green Bay, hopefully you’ll no longer just think about the awesome Green Bay Packers… Now you’ll think Packers, craft breweries, dog-friendly patios, and great food! We hope this list can be your guide to a weekend in Green Bay with your pups!

This is your friendly reminder to always bring waste bags, a water bowl, and water with you everywhere you go when traveling with your pups. Be sure to pick up after your pet and keep them on a leash at all times in public spaces to keep areas dog-friendly.


Apr 24

You should check out Bark & Brew when you come back! Season long indoor/outdoor dog park with a full bar for humans. Highly encouraged to have your dogs off leash but don’t fear they have “dog butlers” that are trained to watch dogs behavior to ensure no fights. If there is a fight, they break up the dogs and require the culprit to be leashed and next to there owner for a timeout. Dog butlers also pick up their poop!


Mar 24

Thanks for the review and great information, but...I my opinion drive-ups, drive-throughs and outdoor patios? None of that qualifies its just common sense, Green Bay is still one of the most dog restricted cities in the United States. I've lived in other states/cities that are 10 times more pet friendly. If it wasn't for the job & pay personally I'd been gone a long time ago. That said I will always be a Packer fan in any state but sorry I'm not even thinking about retirement in Wisconsin for this very reason.


Apr 01, 2023

Great article! We live in GB and have been homebodies since Covid, and was shocked at how “out of the loop” I’ve become!!! Thanks for providing an excellent beginning point for our next outing!!


I want to check out POV and all the breweries!😊🍻

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