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10. Camp Kettlewood - East Troy, Wisconsin

Updated: Jul 10

This podcast takes you to the blissful retreat that is Camp Kettlewood! We have my sister, Haley, on as a guest host. This beautiful camp made for the most incredible sister trip and sits just 17 minutes from the Mukwonago home Haley and I grew up in. Hear all about the luxuries of Camp Kettlewood, their beautiful group campsites, our “Parent Trap” photoshoot, and recommendations in the surrounding areas from two former locals.


  1. Camp Kettlewood

  2. Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

  3. Our Photoshoot Vision Board

  4. Camp Walden T-Shirts

  5. Kula Creative

  6. Elegant Farmer

  7. Fork in the Road

  8. Gus’s Drive In

  9. East Troy Brewery

  10. Sam - WisconsinCheesePlease

  11. Hive Taproom

  12. Eagle Springs Pub

  13. Canoe to Lulu

  14. Alpine Valley

  15. Old World Wisconsin

  16. Events - Old World Wisconsin

  17. Wisconsin Historic Society Membership

  18. @OldWorldWisconsin

  19. Skydive Milwaukee

  20. IAT - Eagle and Whitewater

  21. Blackhawk Lake Segment

  22. Scuppernong Segment

  23. Pizza on the Farm at Grassway Organics

  24. Stellar Estates Winery

  25. Eagle Springs Golf Course

Each week when we release a new episode the map will gain more pins. Every recommendation we make on the podcast will be on this Google Map. It will be just another resource to make your adventures as smooth as possible and have all of our recommendations in one spot!

Have a destination you want us to do an episode on?

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See you next week for another episode of On the Road with That Wisconsin Couple!

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