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52. Madison, WI

THE MADISON EPISODE HAS [finally] ARRIVED!! We only live one hour from Madison, but we don’t visit very often. However, on today’s episode of On the Road with That Wisconsin Couple we are finally sharing our favorite spots in the state’s capital! We talk about cocktails in a train car, our favorite local brews, the free zoo, the best farmers market in the state, a beautiful library, the cutest rooftop bar, and some fun things to do around the city!


This Google Map will be a great resource for all your adventures! Each week when we release a new episode the map will gain more pins. Every recommendation we make on the podcast will be on this Google Map. It will be just another resource to make your adventures as smooth as possible and have all of our recommendations in one spot!

Have a destination you want us to do an episode on?

Have a recommendation, or feedback for us? Let us know here! Don't forget to tag us in your adventures @ThatWisconsinCouple and use #OnTheRoadWithTWC

See you next week for another episode of On the Road with That Wisconsin Couple!


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