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Baraboo Visitors Guide - #NotTheDells

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Lower Ochsner Park

Baraboo often gets associated with the Wisconsin Dells. Which I can understand given their close proximity and the fact that it's not uncommon for Dells-goers to unknowingly venture into Baraboo to visit Devils Lake. BUT- Baraboo is not the Dells and the Dells is not Baraboo! If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with this adorable town. I love calling it home, and I am determined to show you how cool and unique Baraboo is and why it doesn’t need to be lumped in with the Dells. Pack your backpack- you're going to want to take a day trip after this one!


Sauk Point

If we're talking places to hike in Baraboo, I might as well start with the obvious: Devils Lake. It's always crazy busy in the summer, so if you're visiting then, definitely go early. I would recommend parking on the South Shore and hiking the East Bluff. Make your way up the Balanced Rock Trail, but make sure not to miss Balanced Rock itself. (This is easy to do as it’s behind you as you hike.) Head over to Devil’s Doorway to see this stunning rock formation before working your way back to the South Shore.

Now on to the lesser known but still awesome hikes- Steinke Basin is a really nice trail that will take you on a scenic route to the back of East Bluff. In my opinion, these are the best trails in the area to take your pup to. They're wide and grassy, giving you plenty of room to walk as a pair or to pass other groups.

Sauk Point Segment of the Ice Age Trail is a beautiful segment with some altitude. It starts wooded in the Parfrey's Glen parking lot and then ends passing through a gorgeous field.


Cinnamon Roll French Toast - Broadway Diner

Start your day with breakfast at Broadway Diner*. It's the cutest 50s themed spot that has the best pancakes! Lunch should absolutely be Baraboo Burger Company*, as it’s located right on our town square and they always have a creative burger and cocktail of the month. If you need a pick-me-up, Coffee Bean* is Hayden’s favorite place to get a fun coffee drink and is just one block off the square. Gem City* is a great dinner option; they are famous for their sausage pan crust pizza. It's truly incredible!


Balanced Rock Winery

If you are looking to do some drinking while you’re eating, we have you covered! Driftless Glen Distillery*, while best known for their delicious spirits, also has really great food and allows you to dine right along the Baraboo River. It's not uncommon to see kayakers floating by! Their cocktail menu is full of unique drinks and some fabulous old fashioneds. Tumbled Rock Brewery is also a great place to drink while you eat. They have the best cheese curds in town and a really nice patio to enjoy them on. For day drinking, I recommend Balanced Rock Winery. Their beautiful outdoor space butts up to the driving range where you can get a drink and a bucket of balls for only $10! Bring your clubs and have a glass of wine or a beer while you practice. Baraboo Bluff Winery will provide you with great views and good wine. They don’t serve food, but you are welcome to bring your own picnic.

Every small town has their tried and true watering holes- in Baraboo, ours is the Downtowner*. They have the best bar-food in the world! Make sure you order an “Old Style with a salad” to get the full Baraboo experience. Last but not least, I recommend Brothers On Oak* for any of your evening tavern needs. They also have great bar food and an incredible booze selection.


Big Top Show - Circus World

Now that your belly is full, the adventure can continue! Walk along the Baraboo River on the gorgeous Riverwalk to Lower Ochsner Park, which is absolutely stunning. We love the Baraboo Country Club* for a round of golf. It's a fun course tucked back into the bluffs. The last adventure I recommend? Circus World*! Dive deep into Baraboo’s circus history, and maybe even catch a show in the Big Top!

Come visit Baraboo and see that it is very clearly #NotTheDells! Feel free to reach out if you need any more dog-friendly or family-friendly recommendations.🙂

* =Not Dog-Friendly

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