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Gifts for the Wisconsinite

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

If you didn't already know…I LOVE the Wisconsin Historical Society! You’ve probably seen me post about their sites across the state, but today we’d like to shine a light on their incredible online store. Many of the products I am about to share are made here in Wisconsin, and they really do have something for everyone. So let’s jump in!

First up, we have this beautiful cribbage board! Hayden loves cribbage and plays with his dad at every family get-together. This board is handcrafted right here in Wisconsin, allows for 3 players, and even has peg storage in the back. We were lucky enough to win this gorgeous board, and I highly recommend it!

These wooden coasters are so cute and make a great gift for anyone!

It seems Pabst and Leine love Old Fashioneds just as much as their parents!

The perfect stocking stuffer for the Wisconsinites in your life!

The perfect gift for ‘the planner’ of your group! I just got this and I love it! The themes I’m most excited about are ‘Romantic Getaway’ and ‘Waterfalls.’

This book is a great gift for any dog owner! It gives insight on what to expect in each Wisconsin State Park. I love to use it for trail recommendations, but it’s also a great resource for all things pet picnic and swim areas.


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