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The Perfect Brookfield Day Trip

Updated: Apr 25

Hayden & Julia standing at sunset with yellow lab

This post is sponsored by Discover Brookfield, but all opinions are my own.

Brookfield is not a new destination to me. Growing up in Mukwonago, whenever we needed to go to the mall, we always went to Brookfield Square. In college, I worked at the Lululemon in Brookfield. It has been really cool to watch the Town of Brookfield grow so much over the past few years. It’s become such a shopping, eating, and entertainment destination!

…And then they added The Corners! The Corners has become the perfect Brookfield day trip. It’s a gorgeous outdoor mall that offers lots of good shopping, a variety of restaurants, a movie theater, an improv joint, and an amazing outdoor space. A great hub to gather with friends and family!

Like I said, I am no stranger to Brookfield. In the past few years, I’ve seen so much happening at The Corners–things like ice bars, huge projectors for viewing on game day, wine and chocolate flights. I’ve met my family out for many meals at a few of their different restaurants, and it’s always awesome to see all that they’re capable of!


If you’re looking to grab lunch with a friend, do some shopping, or just relax on a patio, all with your dog, put The Corners on your list. There are 16 dog-friendly shops and 7 dog-friendly patios to dine on all in the same spot! They even have a logo posted on the door of each dog-friendly shop.

Yellow lab at store entrance

Shops: Altar'd State, Anthropologie, Arhaus Furniture, Arula, Bonness Medi-Spa, Cyclebar, Evereve, Free People, Kendra Scott, L.L. Bean, Lululemon, Scout & Mollys, Tempur-Pedic, Twigs, Vow'd, & Wisconsin Vision

Restaurant Patios: BelAir Cantina, Café Hollander, FreshFin, Goddess and the Baker, Grimaldis Pizzeria, Le Macaron, Silverspot Cinema, Wahlburgers

Town Food Truck Festival

Hayden and I recently spent a day at The Corners and attended Town Food Truck Festival, a really fun food truck event being held the 3rd Wednesday of every month through September. There was live music, 22 different food vendors, a local beer vendor, and face painting! And this was all on top of all the stores and restaurants The Corners offers permanently!

Our friends and family met us out there, and we got to try so many of the local vendors! The streets of The Corners were closed to cars and lined with food trucks. No one in our group ordered the same thing for dinner, and we all enjoyed what we had. Between all of us we tried: 18 Acres, Roll MKE, Vocado, Shorty’s Grilled Cheese, and Any Street Grill. No one was bummed by their picks, and there were no leftovers! There was even Dog Gone Great for our pup, Leine! She loved her Barkuterie board. Hayden is still talking about his lobster roll from 18 Acres. It was so cool to have such a variety of good foods in one spot! After lounging by the live music and sipping our Gathering Place brews, we chose to get a massive box of Filp’s Mini Donuts for dessert. My-oh-my were these an absolute hit with our group! They were basically bite-sized funnel cakes and truly so good. There was something for everyone at this event, and we love getting to support lots of local businesses!

Town Food Truck Festival is a dog and family friendly event you need to get to this summer!!

Wine & Chocolate

If you’re looking for a date night outside of the Town Food Truck Festival days, you can check out Indulgence Chocolatiers anytime! They have beautiful chocolates to pair with a great selection of wines (and some unique beers if that’s more your thing). You’re able to purchase individual pairings or build your own flight. If you’re not looking to drink, you can check out their cheese and chocolate pairings. These flights are such a fun way to indulge in some new flavors!

wine and chocolate pairing flight


The shopping scene at The Corners is unmatched! They have a bunch of name brands and cute shops that do the trick whether you’re looking to find the perfect outfit, a gift for any occasion, or the items on your grocery list! It’s always fun to take the pup and see what they have at Anthropology or check out the new gear at Lululemon!

dog and woman shopping


The variety of dining options at The Corners on a normal day is impressive, so if you can’t make it to the Town Food Truck Festival, you can definitely still find something delicious to enjoy. You can look forward to running your errands knowing they’re going to end with a good meal or cocktail! Whether you want to fuel up for your shopping trip with a glittery latte from The Goddess and the Baker or end your day with tacos and margs from BelAir Cantina, you're bound to be impressed. With 12 different dining options, there is something for everyone!

Have you seen those games on Instagram where the guy holds up two cards that have names of places on them (i.e. Starbucks vs Dunkin), and they ask the girl to pick a card without knowing what’s on it, and that’s where they’ll go? I want to play this game at The Corners! We could make a card for each of their 12 dining options and blindly pull 4 spots. We could go to the first one for a drink, the second for an appetizer, the third for dinner, and the fourth for dessert! There are so many good choices at The Corners, this could be a fun and trendy way to figure out where to go!

If you need a date with your pup, your girls, or your significant other, definitely check out Town of Brookfield!


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