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11. Out West - Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Dakota

Listen as we share our experiences in this underrated national park! You’ll hear all about our van rental, trying a new fast food restaurant, and the jaw-dropping moment when we saw wild horses. We will dive into our tips for this type of road trip and what we thought of the “wild west” town the national park sits near.


  1. Voyager Campervans - "wiscocouple50" for $50 off

  2. Patterson Lake Recreation Area Campground

  3. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  4. Painted Canyon Visitors Center

  5. Painted Canyon Nature Tail

  6. Prairie Dog Metropolis

  7. Skyline Vista

  8. Coal Vein Nature Trail

  9. Biocourt Overlook

  10. Wind Canyon Trail

  11. Cowboy Lyle's Candy Barn

  12. Little Missouri Saloon

  13. Hatlee & Brae

  14. Red Trails Campground

  15. Kiwanis Campground

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