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14. Out West - South Dakota

We go over our 3 days in South Dakota. We made our way to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park, and Badlands National park! It was insanely beautiful and full of great hikes. We even saw mountain goats for the first time on our trip! There were baby goats, too, and it was so cool to see.

The Badlands was an incredible grand finale to our trip! Waking up in such a stunning camping area was the best! And on our drive in, we were greeted by so many bison. We had some hot weather and got in some great hikes! It’s a very fascinating place that makes for a great road trip for any Midwesterner!


  1. Red Garter Saloon

  2. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

  3. Cruizzers

  4. Wrinkled Rock Climbers Trailhead

  5. Wind Cave National Park

  6. Fairgrounds Tour

  7. Custer State Park

  8. Deborah & Tyler - @raarupadventures

  9. Cathedral Spires Trail

  10. Sylvan Lake Shore Trail

  11. Bluebell Stables

  12. Bluebell Restaurant

  13. 2023 Buffalo Roundup

  14. Badlands Boondock Area

  15. Badlands National Park

  16. Notch Trail

  17. Wall Drug

  18. Split Rock Park Campground

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