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2. Eagle River & St. Germain

I know we said we were going to cover one town at a time, but we never visit one of these without visiting the other. They are only about 15 minutes apart, and both are full of gems. This is one of our favorite parts of the state. “Life is great north of Highway 8!”

This Google Map will be a great resource for all your adventures! Each week when we release a new episode the map will gain more pins. Every recommendation we make on the podcast will be on this Google Map. It will be just another resource to make your adventures as smooth as possible and have all of our recommendations in one spot! You can check that out by clicking the link in the show notes.

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Have a destination you want us to do an episode on?

Have a recommendation, or feedback for us? Let us know here!

See you next week for another episode of On the Road with That Wisconsin Couple!

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May 27, 2023

Great show, we’re heading back for our second trip this summer.

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